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The shoes that make woman's legs look five inches longer

women's shoesWhen actress Gemma Arterton appeared at the Venice Film Festival this week, all eyes were on the 30-year-old's seemingly endless legs.

Shoes that will Help You Live In The Present!


Most companies working on smart fashion right now are trying to link your clothes to your devices. Google's Project Jacquard turns your jeans into a touchscreen; MIT is working on vibrating shoes that give you directions to your next destination.

Runner Sets Half Marathon Record in Dress Shoes

winner Juris SilenieksAt the Hotlanta Half, winner Juris Silenieks wore shoes with pointy toes but running shoe technology.

On Sunday in Atlanta, recent Syracuse University graduate Juris Silenieks won the Hotlanta Half Marathon in 1:17:05 while wearing dress shoes.

Spring/ Summer 2016 Shoe Trends

spring summer 2016The spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends just would not have the same effect without the shoes that follow in its stead. We have been building up the shopping lists as we go along, watching fashion show after fashion show, the Fashion Week designers memorized down to the tee.



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