ThinkstockPhotos1Number one mistake most shoe buyers made: Buying shoes based solely on style or what friends are wearing. Picking the right shoe for your foot type and biomechanics should be your top priority. Most specialty running stores can advise you—they have well-trained staff who can assess your arches and evaluate your pronation (the way your foot moves as you walk and jog). There’s also an easy try this at-home test: Wet your foot, then step on a paper bag. What shape do you see?

If there’s one thing that we all use everyday, it has to be shoes. You can’t walk around barefoot these days without worrying that you’re going to be cut, so why would you even bother? It’s better to just make sure that you can get enough life out of the shoes that you have in your collection. With the rising cost of goods, it’s better to make sure that you have the power to really make your shoes last for a long time.

high heelsHigh heels have been worn by practically every woman in western civilization. Almost every woman stores and stocks several pairs in her closet. They may not be the most comfortable fashion statement, but women love them anyway.

timberland-womenWith winter season just around the corner, you may be in the contemplating mood over what to wear and buy. Boots fashion never fades when it comes to winters.Hence it is of equal value to pay attention to what type of boots you buy depending upon the type of preference, personality, choice you have.
Here are some of the useful tips for you to follow before buying boots.