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Footwear, 1930–45

maxresdefaultThe types of shoes worn by men and women during the 1930s were greatly determined by the effects of the Great Depression (1929–41) on their lives. Those impoverished by the Depression wore old styles, sometimes with holes in the soles. Others, who were lucky enough to gain wealth during this difficult time, set new trends in leisure wear that would influence the clothing of the masses following World War II (1939–45). Rationing, or limiting, of materials needed for shoes, such as leather and rubber, during the war introduced new practical styles of footwear.

How to Waterproof Boots and Shoes

Love-Happens-Blog-Summer-Rainy-Day-Outfits-Fashion-Shoes-to-Wear-in-Rainy-DaysNot all shoes are created equally. Some boots and shoes are specially crafted to prevent water from seeping through to your feet when you encounter heavy rain or deep snow. Other footwear is merely water resistant, repelling rain and snow from quickly destroying your footwear and seeping through to your feet.

General shoe shopping tips

211Buying men's shoes is like buying a car. You should have a good idea of what you want when you walk into the store (or onto the lot), and you need to walk away with something you'll be comfortable wearing (and being seen in) for at least a few years.

How to Shine Shoes

tips-for-how-to-shine-your-shoesYour shoes are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, but keeping them looking their best requires some maintenance. By polishing and shining your dress shoes regularly, they'll look sharp whenever you hit the town. Follow these simple steps to learn how to polish and shine shoes and boots so your footwear looks like new every time you step outside.



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