repair-shoes-at-homeIf you are obsessed with shoes, then you must be well-aware that finding the perfect pair of shoes is an extremely daunting task. It is easier said than done to find a pair of shoes that looks and feels just-perfect. Once you manage to get your hands on the hottest footwear in the market, you would definitely want to prolong its life. To achieve this goal, it is important to take the best shoe-care.
Keep reading to unearth the cheapest and simplest ways to repairing shoes at home:

ballet shoesBill Nye is one of the most popular scientists on the planet. He’s popped up in the news lately thanks to a series of public debates, but when he’s not dancing with the stars or posing with Jay-Z, Nye keeps himself busy by, oddly enough, inventing ballet slippers.

foot-31For many people, feet are about as attractive as a pair of old trainers, which might explain why they’re so often neglected when it comes to personal health.

But feet are one of the most important parts of the body, taking on one-and-a-half times our weight when walking and up to four times when running. They also carry each person for approximately 185,000 kilometres during their lifetime.

Boat ShoesThe boat shoe, also known as the deck shoe and top-sider, has followed the well-trodden path from being purely work/utility wear to becoming a truly classic piece of men’s footwear (and women’s, too). In 1980, with the publication of The Official Preppy Handbook by Lisa Birnbach the boat shoe began to be identified as an essential and integral part of the Preppy style.